Vertical Hardening Systems

Vertical hardening machines by EMA Indutec can be used universally and flexibly in all common, inductive procedures within a wide range of different applications. Due to its modular construction, the machine guarantees a customized adaptation to specific requirements such as flow rate, weight of work piece and degree of automation.The result hereof is an optimized technical and efficient solution for hardening work pieces of a consistent and reproducible quality.

  • Stop / Rotation / stop
  • In-feed / Rotation / in-feed
  • Total area
  • Volume / in-feed
Range of Application
  • Surface hardening
  • Stress-relieving / tempering / annealing
  • Hardening
  • Soldering

Details about the systems can be found in our data sheet:

Vertical Hardening Machines (PDF | 254.14 KB | eng-US )

Hardening machine LUPUS

A universally applicable, easy-to-install hardening machine for minor to medium-weight work pieces to be produced in differently sized and compact constructions, designed for small to high batch production series, equipped with a variety of supplementary facilities which can be adjusted to the users specific requirements.

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hardening machine LEPUS

Vertical Indexing Table Hardening Machine Type LEPUS designed for large-scale batches

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hardening machine CETUS

Vertical Hardening Machine Type CETUS designed for small and medium-sized batches. Solidly constructed hardening machine of different sizes, designed for the processing of heavy and large work pieces in small and medium-sized series that need high performance.

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Hardening Machine TAURUS

Basic equipment of the universally applicable machine type TAURUS: CNC control, type Siemens 840D sl with OP08T, User-friendly, comprehensible operation and many more.

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