Induction Hardening Plants & Systems

In a fascinating high-tech environment, we are specialists and complete suppliers of inductive hardening systems and frequency converters. From project planning, development, design and production to comprehensive after-sales service, we offer solutions tailored precisely to your needs, such as hardening and tempering.

Our range of services is rounded off by auxiliary units such as recooling systems, measuring and control systems, washing systems as well as loading and unloading equipment. An optimal design of the individual components, as well as a first-class process development and process optimization are our claim as hardening machine manufacturer.

With more than 75 years of experience, our success in the market speaks for itself. Our clients operate more than 10,000 induction heating systems from EMA Indutec in continuous operation worldwide, which we support with a global 24/7 hotline service.

Learn more about our different types of induction hardening systems:

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Our products and services at a glance  


Find out more about the specific EMA system types and services for your application areas in our complete brochure “Induction Heating and Hardening Systems”. In addition, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about induction hardening in theory and practice, about heat treatment, metal science and more.  

Vertical Hardening Machines

Vertical hardening machines by EMA Indutec can be used universally and flexibly in all common, inductive procedures within a wide range of different applications. Due to its modular construction, the machine guarantees
a customized adaptation to specific requirements such as flow rate, weight of work piece and degree of automation.

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Portal Hardening Plants

Inductive portal hardening plants are ideally suited for industrial drives, wind parks, earth-moving machines, and lifting technology. Our LIBRA portal hardening plants have the following features:

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Calibration hardening

To reduce tedious and costly post-production work on surfaces that have already been hardened, we have worked intensively and successfully over the last few years on calibration hardening in connection with induction-heating and subsequent inductiontempering.

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Fixture hardening

EMA Indutec developed a new inductive hardening and tempering process which combines the benefits of induction heating and hardening with the benefi ts of a press hardening process. Especially automobile manufacturers increasingly require components with higher accuracy for use in sophisticated applications.

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