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Working at EMA Indutec means using all your experience and creativity alongside your new colleagues to further develop yourself and our company.

Innovative Solutions Born from Long-standing Tradition

For more than 75 years, EMA Indutec has been specialized in induction heating. From inductors over frequency converters as energy supply to complete plants and more – we supply inductive and individual solutions all from one source. 

What's special about working at EMA Indutec? We asked our employees:

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Our Contribution to Sustainability

We contribute to a sustainable world with these following projects:

  • Expansion of renewable energies through the supply of specialized hardening plants for wind turbine manufacturers
  • Energy conservation through the replacement of old converters with new ones
  • Energy conservation through optimization of inductors
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the replacement of gas heating with induction

Stability Through Innovation

Even after 75 years of experience in the industry, we don’t sleep on new developments. We continually work on forward-facing innovations in order to keep our company profitable. These are some examples of our innovations: 

  • The use of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors in our frequency conductors or 
  • Active Front End (AFE) to further reduce circuit feedback.

Furthermore, the demand for induction solutions will stay stable:

  • Because of its high efficiency, induction technology as an alternative to gas will gain further relevance. 
  • Metals will continue to need surface treatment, to be melted or shaped – induction technologies efficiently meet those needs. 

Cooperation and Internationality

  • AICHELIN Group's Training Center offers advanced training for both our employees and our business partners.
  • We supply the Asian market in tight cooperation with our subsidiary EMA Induction Technology (Beijing). Further clients are located in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands or the US.

Areas of Activity at EMA Indutec 

  • Design and technical construction 
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Mechanical and electronical engineering 
  • SPS-programming and digital controls 
  • Research and development
  • Distribution and logistics
  • After sales services 
  • Marketing, HR, accounting, and IT  

Take a Peek at our Daily Working Life 

In our day-to-day, we enthusiastically ensure a continuous pleasant work climate for every employee as well as the opportunity to creatively use their productivity. Personalized workplaces, considerate and friendly chats over coffee, or summer and winter parties all contribute to our excellent work atmosphere and enable each employee to reach their full potential. 

More Advantages for our Employees

Benefit Zuschuss zu Altersvorsorge

Collective agreements and retirement provisions

Benefit Flexible Arbeitszeiten

Flexible working hours

Benefit Arbeiten im Home Office

Home office solutions

Benefit Kostenloser Parkplatz und gute Verkehrsanbindung

Parking spots and close public transport

Benefit Dienstradleasing per Entgeltumwandlung

Subsidies to bike leasing and public transport

Benefit Betriebsärzt und Gesundheitsvorsorge

Health prevention

Company events

Corporate Benefits

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